Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I need a linear simulation.

Of the outcome of the election and what's going to happen during the next 8 years. Not that it would do me any good. I don't know if I'll vote, though. I know who I'll probably vote for if I do vote, but voting, period, is against my better judgment this time around.

I ordered a new video card, a 9800 GTX+ from eVGA. Amazon delivering I think through TigerDirect or some such thing. I haven't put significant computer parts together in about 7 years, and my ability to figure out if my power supply is adequate beforehand has vanished. I didn't even bother looking into it. PCI-E slot, check, 9 inches(!) of clearance, check. If the power supply can't juice it, then I'll have to get a new one of those as well. As for the 9 inches, well, I just hope it really will fit. I just found a hacksaw in the garage if not.

I don't play a lot of games on my PC anymore. PC time is homework time. The games I do actually play are MMOGs mostly, and those one at a time. Mostly I just got tired of having to tone down the graphics settings of any new game/demo I tried out. It's an inadequacy thing, you see. I wanted to try out Far Cry 2, so that was the catalyst. I couldn't resist the open world, or the setting. I love movies like Blood Diamond and I'm enamored of Africa seeing as I've lived there and seen some of the worst it has to offer. My 7600 GS is simply not good enough. I may need a CPU upgrade before the month is out, so I'm not bottlenecking the video card. I'm not Benchmark Guy, but by golly I'm going to get my money's worth.

I don't have enough time to play two games at once, so as soon as my focus leaves Fallout 3, it'll likely be on Far Cry 2. I may then try out LittleBigPlanet. Of course by then Left 4 Dead will be out and trying that is just a given. Co-op zombie-shooting survival? Sold.