Saturday, December 13, 2008


Due to busy-ness in real life as well as my lack of money and their lack of appeal, I haven't played a game at all in the last few weeks, almost to the day of the last post on Nov. 23

I did try out Dead Space, which is a pretty awesome game. Beat it over the weekend of my last post, I think. It's fun. I thought about playing through it again, since it lets you "continue" with all the weapons and upgrades you got on the previous playthrough, but it doesn't allow you to "continue" on the next hardest difficulty level--only the same one--so it doesn't found that fun to play through it again, only much more quickly and easily. It wasn't even that hard the first time through. Weird design choice there, if you ask me. I did jump in my seat a few times. There were definitely some great, surreal moments where you really felt like you were in a horror movie like Event Horizon or Alien or something. Actually being in control of the character during those moments is an amazing feeling. Solid A- on that one, and the minus only because of a few minor gameplay frustrations and the lack of replay.

Acquired The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. Several different flavors of awesome. I only wish they had included some kind of commentary. I'm not normally big on commentary in my movies but this is one I'd happily sit through and listen. I also wondered if there ever been a Batman game where you have to choose what equipment ("wonderful toys") you're going to pack with you before each mission. Nothing comes to mind.

I'm tired of NBA commentators drooling over Chris Paul. He's good. He's not the freaking Messiah. I was watching some game a week or two ago and Paul casually dribbles uncontested into the lane, laterally, and does this little "around the leg" move where he's dribbling with his left hand and sort of puts the ball around his left leg and picks the ball back up again with his left hand. Anyone who knows anything about the game will tell you this is a very simple move to execute. You rarely see anyone doing it because it is not useful. It doesn't fake anyone out. It must be done too quickly for you to really move your body in any other direction to give it any real utility. In fact, my brother and I used to make fun of this WNBA commercial where a WNBA player does the exact same move, accomplishes nothing with it, and lays the ball up. So Chris Paul does this useless little trick move in the lane and then shoots a quick jumper moving away from the basket, and bricks the shot. The commentator (ESPN guy, can't recall his name at the moment) absolutely explodes. "This guy is a wizard with the basketball!" blah blah blah, he can't stop talking about it for what seemed like five minutes. They showed like eight replays of it from 45 different angles.

Seriously, guys? His little move did nothing. No one was faked out by it. Then he took a bad shot and missed it, and we're going to gush over him for it? This is another one of those cases where people believe what they're told. Everyone's so high on Chris Paul that everything he does is amazing, unless it isn't amazing and then it's someone else's fault. I can't stand that. He's good, but he's also flawed. He's a so-so leader, his shot selection is often suspect, he's disrespectful of his coach, and he talks like a ninny girl. Get over him, people.